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Penjelasan Ringkas Hudaya Maju Mandiri.

PT. Hudaya Maju Mandiri berlokasi di Jakarta adalah autorizhed dealer HINO yg bergerak dibidang penjualan truk dan bus Hino serta melayani service dan penjualan spare part Truk dan Bus Hino.

The company covers trading of vehicle units, spare parts and services. The business path we provide is in conformity with the products manufactured by PT. Hino Indonesia Manufacturing and our principle’s, Hino Japan.

Company History Hudaya Maju Mandiri, PT was established in 1996 in Jakarta (Notary Soekaimi SH Jakarta No. 101 dated 15 April 1996) with 5 staffs, and we started our business in selling units.

Hudaya Maju Mandiri, PT is one of a branch company under PT. Mayasari Bakti, the holding company owned by Mr. H. E. Mahfud. To run the business of Hudaya Maju Mandiri, PT. Mr. H. E. Mahfud had assigned Mr. H. Bambang Risyana as the Chief Director, Mr. Zulfikar Pujiadi H as Finance Director and Mr. Rudy Ferdian as Marketing Director.

Year 1997 – 1998 In early 1997 Hudaya Maju Mandiri, PT moved its location to Bekasi area, Kompleks Bekasi Mas Blok B No. 15, Jl. A. Yani – Bekasi, In the period of 1997 the company had reached its best marketing with sales of 235 units,

This was happened caused by the increament of staff numbers, specially in marketing department. Unfortunately, when the crisis which effected most of the economy sectors of the whole nation in Indonesia came, the company’s business was effected badly.

In 1998 the sales was dropped down to the number of just 50 units. In this period, in order to increase the earnings, the company has expanded its sales by selling the spare parts and hired some another staffs.

Year 1999 – 2000 In 1999 the company’s commerce automotive trading was going down, the sales just reached the number of 56 units.

In 2000 the company increased the sales with new customers and by recovery of politic and economy situation in Indonesia, our sales gained a good result.

Year 2001 – 2002 In 2001 the company’s financial situation was starting better, so then the company hired some others staffs and expanded the business again by having a new division: services, specially for Hino products.

In 2002 Hudaya Maju Mandiri, PT obtained the best sales of Hino dealer all over Indonesia.

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